Espolla Waterfall and Espolla Pond

Another trail that passes Esponellà Campsite will help you get to know another of the outstanding features of the Pla de l’Estany region. In periods with sufficient rain, this path becomes extraordinarily beautiful. We recommend a trail to visit Espolla Waterfall and Espolla Pond, also known as the Beach of Espolla.

This trail is approximately 6 km long and starts out at Esponellà Campsite. Follow the trail towards the village of Martís de Baix and before you reach the dam and power plant of Martís, turn left and follow the trail uphill. In this area, you’ll find the first waterfall known as the Saltant Petit (Little Falls) of Martís or Espolla, and a little further on, you’ll find a much more spectacular waterfall known as the Saltant Gros (Big Falls) of Espolla or Martís. Here, you’ll find a vantage point where you can enjoy this natural wonder of the Pla de l’Estany. The water forms several pools such like the Gorga dels Gossos or the Gorga de les Anguiles.

Before reaching Martís de Dalt, turn south and follow the path along the stream of Rec d’Espolla until you reach Espolla Pond. Its waters flow into the Fluvià River through the Rec d’Espolla, generating the waterfalls which can be seen along the trail. As a result, this path is especially worthwhile after periods of rain, when the waterfalls are flowing abundantly. However, the trail is enjoyable all year round; the vegetation surrounding the waterfalls is green and shady, the ground is covered with mosses and ferns, and you can enjoy the holm oak forests mingled with bay and holly trees.

Espolla Pond is famous for the presence of triops (known locally as tortuguetes, "small turtles"), small carnivorous crustaceans that live off of insects and larva when the pond is full of water. Triops lay eggs that lie dormant in the mud of the pond. Once they have plenty of water, they awaken and hatch.

It’s worth noting that the Seasonal Pond of Espolla is included in the Government of Catalonia’s PEIN (Plan for Places of Natural Interest).

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